TRAILMANIA SERIES  hosted by Garden Route Trail Park

Trailmania is a mountain bike enduro for mountainbikers of all abilities.

No special bike required .

Enduro is a form of racing were you are timed over a short section of mainly downhill trail.


For Trailmania, Garden Route Trail Park has prepared three sections of trail of around 3km each. All three trails finish at roughly the same point and there is a return loop back up to a central start area. 

The trails are designed to be fast and flowing and suitable for all levels of riders. Easy enough for beginners to manage at a reasonable pace.

At high speed the trails turn into a wild roller coaster that produces enough adrenalin to keep seasoned veterans on edge. This is the BEST single track in the Garden Route, and its downhill!


We will set up a chillzone at the start area where riders can relax between runs and spectators can share in the atmosphere. Spectators will be able to walk around Garden Route Trail Park and watch riders on different sections. Refreshments and food will be on sale.



How it works:



Choose the category you wish to participate in.

There are four options:







Within each category riders will be seeded and placed in batches of 10. There will be a 3 min gap between batches. Individual riders within batches will go off at 15 second intervals.

The first round will be a practice run in which riders can self seed themselves within their batch.



For those  challenging for a position on the leaderboard:


We will be using STRAVA™ for timing of the enduro.It is a gps based cycling specific tracking system. When you ride a specific section of trail it automatically times you and gives you a position on the leader board for the relevant section.


You will need to register a STRAVA profile-if you don't already have one .

Go to and click on the register for free button. Its quick and easy. Then all you need is a I-phone/Blackberry/Android phone/Bryton or Garmin.If you are going to use your phone as a tracking device you will need to download The Strava app it costs R8.


We will help you set it up on the day, if you dont have it-takes 2min.

It is preferable to use your phone as it will be easier to upload.

A GPS's  requires a pc/laptop to upload your ride .

If you have a Blackberry you need to download "fitness tracker" off the net- it will then also link directly with STRAVA.


Riders will receive points based on their placing on each section. 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and so on. The rider with the least points is the winner. There will be prizes and bragging rights for Overall Men, Overall Woman and winners of the respective weight categories. And of course the coveted Strava KOM's to ride for.


Official STRAVA weight categories are as follows:

54kg and under

55-64 kg




95kg and over

Please make sure your Stava profile (weight )is upto date.

Please note.Riders are responsible for uploading their own Strava. If its not on Strava by prize giving - it didnt happen



For the not so competitive people:


Although we recommend bringing a tracking device. It is not compulsory. If you prefer just to charge down some awesome singletrack and not worry about your time, no problem. Enter as normal, you will still have a blast!






Time : Dawn till Dusk

Information at the Trail Cafe


Entry Fee : R130 per Person


TRAILMANIA 1 - Results