Well Winter came and went, kind of, not sure it actually ever arrived but the fireball in the sky is hanging around for a bit longer each day.

    Now things can get a bit steamy up on the hills on these summer days so the correct equipment will improve your trail experience and keep you pinning for a bit longer.
    Keeping your head cool under some necessary protection is probably the best solution, other than a dip in the rock pools.
    While there are many XC lids that have ample ventilation, they compromise in all round head protection and that’s pretty much where we draw the line.

    Admittedly we had to google what part of the brain is situated on the back of your head, and it seems to be the cerebellum. The cerebellum coordinates voluntary movements such as posture, balance, coordination, and speech, resulting in smooth and balanced muscular activity. Now we aren’t scientists, but this sounds important if you want to keep riding your bike, or just be able to stand and talk.

    The SIXSIXONE Recon Scout ticks all the boxes for us. Super ventilated, lightweight and enough rear protection to keep your cerebellum from being squished.

    The Recon Scout was initially designed as an “All Mountain” lid with a focus on ventilation.
    It has an in-mould shell design which allows for fewer components, resulting in a silly low weight of 303grams considering it’s larger protective area.
    The multiple vents also adds to the weight reduction and the helmet is kept snug using a very straight forward retention system. Simple, for simple people like us.
    The helmet itself felt well made and worthy of it’s profession.

    Our test day was ideal, and we opted for the Mountain Mania segments right at the top of the trails as these get the warmest with less shade than the majority of the other segments further down in the valleys.
    The helmets fitted perfectly to our little heads, both testers are unashamedly a size small/medium head.
    Our main focus was to see if the lids kept us cool, and that they did. After a few laps up and down there was no feeling of baked brains in the warmer weather and the liners kept whatever sweat that did come to the party at bay. The peak was long enough to keep the sun out without obscuring any field of vision.
    Another bonus was that the retention system had enough clearance from the helmet itself to allow for a ponytail to comfortable slip through. This seems to be a sore point with a lot of woman riders who find some helmets to be forced in either direction. Too far down and all you see is handlebars, too far up and you become a parachute.

    Overall the Recon Scout proved to be an ideal summer lid. Well ventilated with enough rear protection that is the responsible choice if you like that cerebellum.
    We like that it can be used for long distance hauls leading into the trails. A lid for marathon/xc/trail? We think so, and has a nice price tag for an all in one solution.
    This seems to be a well thought out unisex lid and has our double thumbs up.

    To find your nearest retailer of SIXSIXONE

    Little shade out the top made the Mountain Mania section ideal for testing the ventilation of the lids.

    Lotsa vents, rear protection and flowy lines for the eyes.

    The Queen Bokkies on Bikes forgot she was wearing a helmet.

    Cerebellum protection and space for a ponytail. Winner.

    GRTP VERDICT : 4.5/5
    An all round summer lid for any occasion that will look at home on a marathon ride or Enduro. That’s rad.