e*thirteen TRSr & TRS+ Tyres

    Six months has past since we put the very talked about E*thirteen Rubber shoes onto our 650B test steed. We haven’t had the balls to take them off in fear of steed retaliation.
    From the outset we could see these are about grip, what we didn’t realize was exactly how much grip. Loads. Like mega jumps Dark fest digger truck loads.

    The Tyres themselves come in 650b and 29” with 2 different compounds. The TRSr Sticky Triple (aptly named) front specific and the TRS+ Durable Dual rear specific. The casing is reinforced, and nicely so.

    The tyres themselves were packaged in recycled card boxes, which did make us feel a bit better about tearing through the forest sections. A nice touch to show some effort being made to being a bit more environmentally conscious, we won’t go into the whole rubber manufacturing process.
    On that note, these rubbers come from the same factory of some of the biggest brand MTB tyres in the world so the quality is top notch.

    What really stood out were the aggressive knobs that were trying to claw out the boxes, ready to eat as much dirt as possible. We had to oblige and set them free from their eco-friendly cages.
    Getting these 2,35” tyres onto our 30mm internal diameter rims was relatively straight forward considering the reinforced sidewalls. The shape of the seated tyre was evidence that these were made for mid to wider rims. A nice boxy shape that looked like it could be leaned into turns while still keeping a nice flatter profile on the straight sections.

    Sherbet. Grip. From the very first turn you were welcomed with uncompromising traction. The aggressive knobs bit hard into the ground with a predictability that just spewed confidence. After a few laps we started to feel the need to see just how much traction and the results were not surprising.

    The tyres were tested from the soggy winter months right until the unusually dry summer months. They pretty much excelled through all the conditions. The high profile knobs just shook off mud but still kept their poise through the dry hard pack sections. The very considered siping along the side knobs were probably the reason for the bilingual ability to talk to mud and hard pack alike.

    The reinforced casing coupled with wider rims also let us lower our pressures, giving even more traction without the wobble. This was noticed especially during high speed turns on some of our hard packed berms where previously we could feel a bit of roll on thinner sidewalls. We normally gauge this by the amount of shrieking and swear words on a ride. During our test rides we gained almost monastery status due to the lack of profanities.

    So six months in and these rubbers still have a lot to give. The softer Sticky Triple TRSr up front is still in great nick. A few thorns have blessed it during the process but the E*Thirteen Plasma tyre sealant did it’s job and the thorns are still in, albeit probably quite nauseous by now.
    A few grazed areas on the side wall are indication that it did bash a few things on the way but nothing penetrated the reinforced casing.
    Also no pinched flats on either tyres during the entire time. This is especially significant since the 6 months prior saw us go through 3 other brand types due to side wall cuts and rim pinches.

    The TRS+ Durable duals out back are starting to show signs of wear, but are nowhere near retirement even after extensive riding in various terrains. We are not too blessed with a lot of rocky riding in the area so we can’t pass judgement on how long these would last on pure rock. We think they would still hold their own though, maybe just not quite as long.

    Now, there is no down without an up. On the climbs and straighter sections there was a bit of rolling resistance as you would imagine. However, considering the aggressive nature of these beasts, it seemed quite insignificant comparably. The ability to retain traction on steep technical climbs generally overwhelmed any thoughts of rolling resistance. Even on slippery climbs the tyres kept their marriage with the ground.
    Less slipping, more gripping, allowed us to keep the momentum and smash up the ascents.

    Arguably the best set of Trail/All mountain/Enduro tyres we have had the pleasure of riding. In the six months of testing we had zero complications and a million Rands worth of fun. If trail riding is your passion, these are an investment. Be warned tho, after riding the E*Thirteen TRS Tyres you would probably need to adapt your speed accordingly if you riding other rubbers. Just saying.

    To find your nearest retailer of E*THIRTEEN
    visit https://getstoked.store/our-dealers/

    Like a hungry troll waiting to escape. The TRSr tyre sits poised for the kill from it’s eco-box.

    Supreme Traction across all conditions. The Dark Fest Tower looms in the background as the all seeing eye hoping to witness product failure. It was disappointed.

    Reinforced casing + wide rims + 2,35″ width tyres = uncompromising grip.

    6 months in and the TRS+ Durable Dual still has tons of bite.

    GRTP VERDICT : 6/5
    Ultimate traction, superior quality, these are the Trail/
    All Mountain/Enduro Tyres to make us mere mortals better at riding.