The trails will be permanently closed to day riders after the Easter Holidays. Members will be able to ride until their current membership expires.
Our accommodation will remain open. More details to follow..


Imagine a secret place off the beaten track, where endless trails snake their way through ancient forests. Wooded giants stand guard over the singletracks as they fly through streams, shady fern glades and forest tunnels. The secret Knysna singletracks that are always spoken of but never seen. Only a privileged few have had the opportunity to experience this world, where the forest elephants still roam today and folk lore talks of magical moments only mother nature can provide. Escape into the undiscovered and become part of the journey through the Outeniqua forests.

The Garden Route Trail Park is nestled at the very foot of the Outeniqua Mountains and the Karatara River Gorge, midway between George and Knysna, in the heart of the Garden Route. Bring the whole family to experience the magic.
Our carefully designed routes have been laid out to provide riders of all levels with an over supply of adrenalin, excitement, scenery and amazing views. Over 20km of hand built singletrack in the infamous farmer tradition, with flowing turns, burms, rollers and river crossings. For the runners there is flowing forest trail and the chance to get up close and personal with the upper reaches of the Karatara River. Massive rock pools, waterfalls and boulders.

Notice Board



The pump track is open.
The yellow trail(ForestFrenzy) is open. +-12km
The light blue trail(CrazyCreek) is open. +- 12km
To ride both trails +- 20km you need to start with the yellow trail. Some people have been riding MountainMania(Pink trail on map) after the yellow trail. Please note that this is no longer part of the park network and GRTP is not in a position to grant or deny access to this trail. If you ride down MountainMania and enter the blue trail you will require a GRTP trail pass.
The red trail(JungleFever) and the extension to yellow, will hopefully be open by 14/12/2019.
Currently the trail marking is not idiot proof so please apply common sense or patience.
The trails currently have a lot of loose sections and there is the potential for branches to fall onto the trail so please ride with caution.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety and security reasons, the only way to purchase a trail pass is on the MySOS app.

Park Hours

Garden Route Trail Park OPEN from dawn till dusk.

The park is constantly getting a facelift with new trails as well as some spanking new downhill and freeride sections for the adrenaline junkies. Watch this space!


The Parks resident dogs are not fond of sharing any attention with other canines and are quite territorial.
Sorry, but they were here first.

Our trails link directly onto the Sanparks Farleigh MTB routes.Three marked routes with over 50km of Forests, fynbos, big mountain climbs and amazing views. A permit is required to ride these trails.

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